Anonymous Goes After Florida Gov. Rick Scott for Polluting the Gulf of Mexico

A member of the Anonymous hacker collective has uploaded a video online requesting the impeachment and immediate resignation of Florida Governor Rick Scott.

In videos posted first on Facebook and then on YouTube, the group launches accusations of corruption and complacency when it comes to the state’s dangerous situation regarding its polluted waters slowly dripping into the Atlantic.

The group specifically outlines the case of Lake Okeechobee, whose waters have slowly trickled into the Gulf of Mexico.

“This water could have easily been sent south to the Everglades, but is his greed for big sugar and the land deals to line his pockets,” the hacker group explains in its video.

Further, the group also brings accusations of Governor Scott protecting the state’s corrupt politicians and manipulating the judicial system with the help Pam Bondi, Florida’s Attorney General.

The Anonymous video also reminds everyone that Governor Scott was previously declared guilty of Medicaid fraud.

Anonymous’ ongoing war with the political class

This is neither the first nor the last time when Anonymous goes after political figures, in the US or other countries. Previously, the group issued similar threats against Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock.

Unlike the case of Mayor Hancock, this time, the hacker group hasn’t provided any shred of evidence for their accusations. In most of these cases, the group only launched small DDoS attacks against public institutions or the target’s personal websites.

Long gone are the days when Anonymous would leak sensitive documents to support their claims.

In 2014, Anonymous had another run-in with the state of Florida, when the group targeted the city of Four Lauderdale because of its treatment of the homeless. In 2011, Anonymous also brought down government sites in Orlando, after the city started arresting people giving food to groups of homeless people larger than 25.