Anti-zombie PC Solution Market Heating Up

Anti-zombie PC systems hit the market one after another in the wake of the DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack earlier in March this year and the recent NACF (National Agricultural Cooperative Federation) network breakdown caused by a laptop infected by a zombie PC.

Wins Technet, Piolink and NP Core are about to enter into the market soon with their CC (Common Criteria) certifications, a qualification to supply anti-malignant bot solutions to the local public-sector market.
Wins Technet has recently released the Sniper BPS, which not only detects and blocks a PC infected with a malicious bot from accessing networks but also analyzes malicious codes to treat affected computers. It has already won the CC mark and is getting ready to win over public-sector customers after June.
Piolink has also launched a similar product, dubbed TiFRONT-AntiBot, and has supplied it to the National Computing & Information Agency, the Korea Internet & Security Agency and major companies in the industry. The solution senses botnets trying to access networks in advance and analyzes them, directing the L2 security switch to shut them off. Saint Security, a local bot detection firm, participated in the development of the product and added to its detection accuracy.
In the meantime, foreign companies like Trend Micro, Symantec and FireEye are preparing themselves to land on the local malware detection software market, too. As such, it is likely that the domestic and foreign solution developers will be engaged in a neck-and-neck competition down the road.